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18 June 2008 @ 09:32 am
hey all, i'm new here - not pregnant (yet), but... ok, so while we aren't actively trying to have a baby, aren't really not trying either... anyways i've been thinking lately about what kind of birth i want when i do get pregnant... and i want natural... ideally i want a midwife or doula (or both, not sure how that works)... but my insurance only covers 1 and she's in jackson, tn - so i gotta find our how much that's gonna cost... but why does it seem like there's some stigma attached to wanting/having a natural birth? everyone says, oh the pain will make it too much to bear, you'll have to have something. no i won't, at least that's my plan. i am a woman, women were made to give birth, our bodies can handle it - you don't give any other animal an epidural or the option to have a c-section... the idea of knowing that i gave birth without some doctor forcing it before its time is an amazing idea... and one that i would love to make a reality... when the time comes :)
did anyone else that's had natural childbirth run into this problem with their friends and/or family that they weren't very supportive of your decision to have natural birth? it's like the people i thought would be most supportive (my friends i mean. i haven't even brought this up to the husband yet since i'm not pregnant) just seem to think i'm stupid or that there's no way i could handle the pain. i don't know anyone that's had natural birth, so everyone i know thinks it's just this stupid passing idea from a woman that's never had a kid so "she doesn't know what's it's like". it's actually really disappointing to know that i have no support here (IRL i mean). a real let down.
Anneflayre on June 18th, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC)
I think it is rare to find people who are really and truly supportive of us. I haven't had much of a problem with telling people my choices, except my cousin who responded "homebirth, eh? Well, then I guess you know how dangerous that is"...um yeah, you had a birth center birth, moron, that's not any different than a home birth except it's not at your house. Needless to say I've only talked to her once since then. Only 5 weeks left for me and this is my first!