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02 July 2008 @ 04:43 am
Going supposed past due dates and working around medicaid..  
Does anyone on here have experience with going over there (supposed) due date like over 42 weeks, and had to deal with Medicaid, and avoiding transfer of care and inductions? and what did you do?

Right now I'm in a weird predicament and major time crunch for decision making, and trying to really figure out my options and what is the best course, and figured it couldn't hurt to inquire in here.
(apologize for the cross post)

Yesterday afternoon I saw my midwife for our finale prenatal appointment, She happned to have two visiting midwifes there that day (one was a midwife in training and one was a former colleague of my midwifes) and asked if I minded them sitting in on our appointment.
I agreed, though at first thought it was a team up and they were gonna try and coarse me into agreeing to inductions or some form of guilt.
Luckily this was not too much the case for the most part.
So I refused yet again any form of inductions (like membrane sweep/castor oil)
And still prefer to try and birth this baby with no interference or induction techniques.
I still feel some guilt of attempting it a week back when I did my last post with a few doses of black and blue Cohosh which I after making that post and not feeling good physical or mentally wise promptly no longer took.

Anyway the jist of it and my brewing concern is that my midwife told me I really only have till this Thursdays midnight to technically have her as my midwife legally and be covered to birth in the birth center.
She did however suggest the Nurse Midwife I saw twice during pregnancy who is an hour and a half away in Manning SC (the one she sends me to to have my pap smears and blood work done by to confirm through these past months I was low risk) that I should contact this midwife this afternoon since I'm at least somewhat more familiar with her, and I would at least be birthing around someone I knew unlike some random doctor at the local hospital here. And try to schedule an appointment and be seen by her Thursday, and have her take over my care. I'm assuming my midwife wants me to have a physical checkout and possibly a stress test I think?
And I'm assuming though it was hard to tell from our talks yesterday that by doing this would mean my care would be taken over by her, and I would still be subjected to induction due to supposed post-date (Thursday supposedly becoming my first day into 42 weeks) which I still feel is off, but can't seem to work that around the midwifes, and worried how to get it around Medicaid.
More so in the sense of if I refuse to be seen by this midwife or even any medical professional, and go my alternative route of birthing unassisted at home with my partner. Will I get in trouble with Medicaid, and also what to do in the case of postpartum care?
Since if I go past my due date I won't have my midwife as part of my postpartum care from what I gather, and not sure what to do in that case?
I've tried to dig up some research by looking at unassisted birth sites and through the communities, but not finding exact or close enough helpful answers in this case.

So anyone have suggestions or past experience in a case close to this?

I really am dreading and uncertain about calling the Nurse Midwife tomorrow (and I know my midwife is doing it as well to help set that up and expects me to contact her and will know)
And no I didn't tell my midwife my alternative plan for unassisted home birthing, I was tempted to, but as I was feeling out our time talking during our appointment I felt the need and instinct to keep that info inside. Whether that was a good idea or not I'm not sure? But it felt right at the time, and I don't know for certain if she'd be too supportive of that choice, or if I'd be talked out of it, especially since today there were two extra midwifes in presence?
So I chose to be silent and let her give me her suggestions and other options.
But I don't feel right about the alternative, and wonder if I can legally and logically work around it.
I'm really hoping I go into labor tomorrow (and can avoid the alternatives)
I've been finally feeling a few newer promising working towards labor signs, but nothing really too consistent or telling of a certain when.

Though I've become almost completely confident about birthing unassisted with my partner, and don't fear that, just worried about the after parts, and the avoiding scrutiny, legal issues, and family or other interference before and after.
And what to do in the case of if I do end up birthing after my due date?
I'm already having to keep at bay and avoid inquiries and fears from family due to me being overdue, and I don't have the best support, nor family that I don't trust not to try an interfere if I go past this Friday and try the alternative unassisted route,
which hasn't helped my stress levels too much.
I'm doing my best to keep the stress levels down, it's just been hard in these certain circumstances and things like this looming over my head and uncertainties.
I am at least glad that from this appointment myself and the baby seems to be doing really well and seems healthy and active.
I just really hate that the time has past and I'm put into this form of stress and decision making by imposed due date and time frame that doesn't feel right (and I really think isn't right, since my due date was always questionable) and having to figure out how to get around it, do the right thing, and not endanger lil one or myself, cause more stress or get into any legal trouble, even though my gut sez she's fine and needs a lil more time. And I just don't want any interference, and don't find it necessary at this time.

Anyway again I apologize for the long post, I just figured maybe somebody on here could give advice.

Also to add has anyone ever seen this due dates article before? I found it earlier in some of my searches and find it really interesting, I really wish more medical and birth professionals would go by it or be more lenient to due dates.
I feel it's in most cases so unfair.
I ended up printing the whole thing out.
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Anneflayre on July 2nd, 2008 09:35 pm (UTC)
i have no idea how medicaid works with pregnancy and due dates, or if medicaid even really cares about due dates...however...there is a lady in my current due date community who didn't give birth until 45 weeks with her first. She agreed to non-stress tests a couple times a week, and i think biophysical profiles as well, and that's how she got around an induction. She just gestates babies a long time (though this one already came sometime in the early 30 weeks time frame). So, maybe a compromise like that is an option for you?

I get really frustrated with the way due dates are calculated. Because I ovulated early in my cycle when I got pregnant, my midwives decided to use my LMP because it gave us a later due date and thus more time should the baby want to come later. Some docs listen to a woman when she's been charting and some don't.
*Moon Jelly Momma*ladydagger2evil on July 2nd, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
Sadly my midwife has such strict guidelines and so much redtape to get around due to being the only Freestanding Birth Center in Columbia or most of SC I believe. so she sadly can't bend the rules as easily.

wow 35 weeks?
Craziness, and yet not doubtful.

I have kinda been warned about stress test and how they really don't always do good, and sometimes more harm then good, but guess it depends on who you see.
I've also been told it just put more unneeded stress and anxiety on a mother anyway.

I think I've figured out a plan of action, and hopefully it's one that will be the right one and won't get the interference or cause issues.
Anneflayre on July 2nd, 2008 09:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah, don't get me started on NSTs and the fact they are continuous ultrasound :)

Hope it all goes well for you and that you have a wonderful birth :)
*Moon Jelly Momma*ladydagger2evil on July 2nd, 2008 09:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you!:)